Permeability - Breathability - Porosity

Online Air Permeability Analyzer

Most on-line instruments measure and control only one film property. In addition to final film porosity, which is an important property for some film grades, ACA Permi is a universal analyzer of film quality for most film grades due to the fact that almost all process parameters have a clear effect on porosity.

On the other hand, porosity correlates with almost all physical film properties. If porosity is constant, film process performs well and film quality is consistent.

With a fast ACA Permi porosity analyzer it is possible to improve the process so that basis weight and moisture controls work better and the fast peak-to-peak variation, which cannot be seen in the scanner measurement, is lower and thus runnability is better.



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ACA Systems Oy

Technical Data ACA Permi
  • one Measurement: 2ms - 0,04m
  • Measurement type: continious measurement
  • Example measurement: 80.000 Measurements - 3200 m
  • Measuring Range: 0,02 - 12.000 l/m²/s
    Bendtsen = 1 - 50.000 ml/min
    Coresta = 1 - 40.000 Cu
    Gurley = 0,02 - 6.000 s
    Others are available on request.
  • Dimension (L/W/H): Measuring unit: 630 x 200 x 200 mm
    Control unit: 600 x 400 x 200 mm
  • Weight: Measuring unit: 13 kg
    Control unit: 20 kg
  • Power Supply: 100 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz / 24 VDC 2A
  • Air Supply: 6-10 bar, 200 l/min, clean and dry air
  • Output: 2-wire, 3 outputs, 4-20 mA & Ethernet